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Science Under the Dome is back for the Winter 2017 semester!  We have monthly talks lined up for January - April.

Join us Thursday, February 16, 2017 at 7:00pm for

Peering Into the Atmospheres of Strange New Worlds

presented by

Prof. Emily Rauscher, Department of Astronomy, University of Michigan

In the last 20 years over 3,000 planets have been discovered orbiting around nearby stars and most of these exoplanets are completely unlike any planet in our solar system.  Astronomers have developed incredible methods that allow us measure the atmospheric properties of some planets, giving us clues as to the physical conditions on these exotic worlds.  I will discuss the current status and future of these grand endeavors.

This is a free event, but, attendance is limited - please be sure to RSVP!

Schedule for Winter 2017:

January 19, 2017 Prof. Ed Cackett, Wayne State Mapping Black Holes
February 16, 2017 Prof. Emily Rauscher, University of Michigan Peering into the Atmospheres of Strange New Worlds
March 23, 2017 Prof. David Cinabro, Wayne State

Exploding Stars, Life, The Universe, and Everything

April 20, 2017 Prof. Jerry Dunifer, Wayne State

The Geographic South Pole and Its Telescopes


The Wayne State Planetarium is dedicated to the promotion of science. We are proud to feature a series of free public lectures covering modern topics in science.