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Due to popular demand, we have added a repeat performance of - The Golden Age of Cosmology:

Saturday, January 22nd at 11 AM - presented by Professor David Cinabro

The Wayne State Planetarium is dedicated to the promotion of science, and more particularly Physics and Astronomy. We are proud to feature a new series of free public lectures covering modern topics in science. 

Our next speaker of this new series will be Professor David Cinabro from the Department of Physics and Astronomy at Wayne State University. He will be presenting The Golden Age of Cosmology in the Wayne State Planetarium, Saturday January 22nd, at 11 am. 

An RSVP is required for this free lecture as seating is limited.  Please RSVP at the WSU Events Calendar:


Note: Our Friday, January 21st, date is completely FULL!!!

Multitude of Galaxies (left); Whirlpool Galaxy and a companion (right); http://hubblesite.org/gallery/

Here is a sneak preview of this exciting lecture:

Professor Cinabro reviews our modern understanding of Cosmology, and the study of the origin and fate of the Universe. He will describe the pillars of the Big Bang model for the origin of the Universe, and highlight the rise of the dark sector with evidence that our Universe is dominated by the, as yet unconfirmed, dark matter and dark energy. "This leads to a possible, unfortunate fate for our Universe," says Professor Cinabro.            

Prof. Cinabro wears diffraction glasses, with his son Sergio, at the WSU planetarium.