Welcome K-12 Schools! Our planetarium shows and the outreach activities we offer are special and so are we. Why? Because we are passionate about outreach and education, and we bring an enthusiasm for science and learning that is unmatched in the community! 

Our planetarium shows are led by a staff member and incoroprate current topics in astronomy and an overview of the night sky for that very evening. We begin each one of our shows with one of our Interactive Demonstrations.  After the lights come down, we continue with the Current Night Sky, and then show your group the Fulldome Film of your choice. The whole show lasts approximately 60-75 minutes.

If you want to extend your visit, why not plan a "Science Day" and add our Phantastic Physics Phenomena

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Here is a sample of our Interactive Demonstrations, Current Night Sky, and Fulldome Films:

We begin our planetarium shows with Interactive Demonstrations:

  • Learn about "size and distance" in our Solar System.  Compare the diameters of Earth, Mars, and our Moon, and get a feel for the distances between these celestial objects.  We accomplish this with the help of balloons, an inflatable globe, and our visitors!
  • Learn how astronomers study the chemistry of space by examining the visible spectrum and the discrete spectra of hydrogen and helium using diffraction glasses.  Find out why there is so much "red" in the Hubble Space Telescope images. 

After the Interactive Demonstration, we continue with the Current Night Sky:

  • We'll set our software to fill the dome with a simulation of what the sky is going to look like on the night of your visit right over Detroit.  
  • Learn how to find constellations and famous star patterns like the Big Dipper, and see which constellations are currently visible depending on the time of year that you visit.
  • Learn how to navigate the night sky by using clever tactics like "arcing to Arcturus."
  • Through our software we can show you how light pollution impacts our ability to see the stars, including the thickest parts of the Milky Way.

Once you have traversed the Current Night Sky, sit back and relax and enjoy a Fulldome Film: