Science Under the Dome - May 7, 2013

Friday, May 7th at 7:00 PM Claude A. Pruneau, Professor of Physics and Director of Planetarium and Outreach at Wayne State University presented:



Perils from Space




The recent impact of a large meteor in Russia on February 15, 2013, reminds us that the Universe is a very dangerous place. Large impacts are relatively infrequent but they do happen!  I will present a survey of large meteoritic impacts on Earth and discuss the origins of these large objects. I will also present a summary of efforts conducted nationally and internationally to detect potentially hazardous asteroids (PHAs), i.e. asteroids with orbits that bring them periodically near Earth. I will conclude with a brief discussion of techniques envisioned to avert or mitigate the effects of potential impacts.  -  Claude Pruneau