September 2011 Science Under the Dome


Friday, September 16th at 7:00 PM Professor Claude A. Pruneau, WSU Physicist and WSU Planetarium Director, presented the following lecture:



Five Great Triumphs of Celestial Mechanics


from Copernicus to the Cassini Mission 




This is a celebration of the first anniversary of the discovery of planet Neptune, in Neptunian years, of course! Neptune has an orbital period of 164.79 Earth years and was discovered by LeVerrier in 1846, i.e. 165 years ago!  This is a great pretext to review some of the key steps in the history of celestial mechanics and marvel at the ingenuity of the great minds that made it happen. I present five great triumphs of celestial mechanics from Copernicus to the recent Cassini mission.

An RSVP is required for this free lecture as seating is limited.  Please RSVP at the WSU Events Calendar.


A copy of the event poster is avaiable here.

The Wayne State Planetarium is dedicated to the promotion of science. We are proud to feature a new series of free public lectures covering modern topics in science.