Support the Planetarium

Thank you for your interest in supporting the Wayne State Planetarium! Your contribution furthers our mission to promote the sciences and astronomy through weekly planetarium shows, monthly lectures and activities for K-12 groups at low cost to students. Donations will support the maintenance and acquisition of new equipment, new shows and weekly presentations, and the expansion of our outreach programs servicing the community.

Ways to give


To make a gift by debit/credit card, visit our secure online giving page.

Make a gift


Call 888-WSU-GIVE (888-978-4483) to make a gift by phone.

If you'd like more information on scholarships and giving to the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, please contact our philanthropy team.


Please make checks payable to Wayne State University and send to:

Wayne State University Gift Processing
Academic/Administration Building
5700 Cass Avenue, Suite 1200
Detroit, MI 48202

How your donation helps

Wayne State's world-class physics and astronomy department is home to enthusiastic faculty and staff who have a strong commitment to educational outreach and are especially committed to K-12 schools in the Detroit metropolitan area. Your generous contribution helps us to continue our outreach efforts through:

  • Purchasing materials for new program development (new fulldome films and outreach materials for science activities)
  • Assisting K-12 schools that want to visit our planetarium but do not have the funds
  • Expanding and enhancing our team to increase our impact and the number of students we serve
  • Establishing a dedicated learning center to conduct hands-on science activities
  • Remodeling the inside of our planetarium

Service to the community

As an urban university, Wayne State is immersed in a city that has its share of challenges. We meet these challenges head-on through our service to the community. ur planetarium has hosted the NASA SEMAA (Science, Engineering, Mathematics and Aerospace Academy) program for K-12 schools. Youth in the city of Detroit participate in these summer programs and are engaged in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

Nationally, a dangerous trend is emerging. Fewer students are selecting degree programs in the sciences and overall science and mathematics scores are declining. Technical jobs in private industry and government are unfilled due to shortages of scientifically literate workers. We're actively addressing this concern by raising awareness about the need for continued scientific literacy to bring positive change to the city of Detroit and the surrounding communities.

Our sponsors

The Wayne State Planetarium acknowledges the generous contributions of Wayne State University and the following donors without whom our renovations and upgrades would not have been possible.

A. Dale Anderson*
Ms. Adrienne L. Kozlowski
Mr. Alfred R. Varone*
Alice Young*
Mr. Allan O. Worth*
Ms. Anne Gerry Sabourin*
Ms.  Annetta Miller*
Mr. Anthony R. Hakl
Mrs.  April K. Anderson
Mr. Arnold Z. Cohen
Beichen Li and Haibo Shu
Ms.  Betty Dimitry*
Mr. Bruno Parzynski, Jr.*
Mr. Calvin C. Matle
Mr. Carlton Maley*
Dr. and & Mrs. Charles D. Bloch
Mr. Chris D. Giannetti
Dale E. Atems, Ph.D.
Mr. Dale J. Igram
David J. Kubinski, Ph.D.
Mr. David L. Dart*
Mr. David R. Brigham
Mr. Diab H. Jerius
Mr. Don L. Clauson
Mr. Donald P. Koistinen
Mr. Douglas and Dr. Winifred Fraser*
Mr. Emil J. Kaczor*
Emmett N. Leith, Ph.D.*
Mr. Ervin K. Holland-Moritz
Mr. Eugene H. Koziara
Ms.  Francette S. Fey
Mr. Frank Galea
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick C. Levantrosser*
Mr. Gary E. Sussman
Mr. Gary G. Bicknese
George Zarb*
Dr. Gerald L. Dunifer*
Mr. Glenn E. Ciolek
Mr. Gregory Arutunian
Mr. Gregory R. Schultz
Harlan L. VanCamp, Ph.D.*
Dr. & Mrs. Harold M. Kiefer
Mr. Harry L. Gubbins
Helen Wu Huang, Ph.D.*
Professor & Mrs.  Henry V. Bohm*
Mr. Hugh G. McDonald
Mr. Hugo K. Turnbull
Mr. Hunter C. Goodrich, Jr.
Irv & Karen Rosenstein
James Kaskas, Ph.D.

Dr. James L. Smith*
Mr. James R. Hoogesteger
Ms.  Janice J. Brennan*
Ms. Jean E. Snider
Mr. Jerome C. Liner
Jogindra Wadehra, Ph.D.*
John & Catherine Revere*
John and Annette Balian*
Mr. John C. Widman, Jr.
Dr. John Huschilt
Mr. & Mrs. John P. Hilburger
Dr. & Mrs. John R. Dimitry
Mr. John S. O'Hanian
John-Cyril Hanisko, Ph.D.
Mr. Jose M. Riso
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph A. Chlebnik*
Mrs. Judith A. Ranta Menge
Dr. Karel L. Vander Lugt
Dr. Karl F. Canter
Dr. Kathleen A. McCarroll*
Mrs.  Kathleen J. Miglia*
Dr. Kathleen M. Joyce
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Morrison
Mr. Lawrence G. Oser
Mr. Leo H. Weisman
Leon Blum, D.D.S.*
Dr. Leonard O. Roellig
Linda Geppert, Ph.D.
Professor Lowell E. Wenger*
Mrs. Margery R. Krueger
Mr. Mark A. Hogan
Mr. Mark C. Dziatczak
Mr. Mark J. Christensen
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Lauer*
Professor Martin Stearns
Mr. & Mrs. Maurice F. Logan
Drs.  Meepagala & Reyes
Professor  Melbourne G. Stewart*
Mr. Michael D. McCollum
Milton Lee Thompson
Mr. Mohamedo S. Minhaj
Morris I. Bank
Mr. Nancy L. McKibben
President Irvin D. Reid & Dr. Pamela Trotman Reid*
Mr. Patrick V. Klotz
Professor Paul E. Karchin
Dr. & Mrs. Paul J. Drallos*
Mr. Philip J. Kowek
Mr. Philip J. Kukulski
Professor Harry H. Denman*

Professor J.T. Chen*
Rad Physics, Inc.
Mr. Radim Cernej
Mr. & Mrs. Richard B. Katnik*
Mr. Richard E. Brauer
Dr. & Mrs. Richard E. Marburger*
Mr. Richard R. Steitz
Mr. Robert C. Dubois
Dr. Robert C. Frank*
Mr. Robert Silver
Mr. Robert V. Arabian*
Dr. Romel R. Gomez
Dr. Ronald A. Andrews
Ronald G. Pirrallo, M.D.*
Mr. Stanley Skupsky
Mr. Steven M. Shepard
Mr. Subramanian Ramachandran
Mrs. Sultana N. Nahar
Talbert S. Stein*
Mr. Tie Wang*
Vernon J. Easterling, Ph.D.
Vimal K. Chowdhry, Ph.D.
Walter & Margaret T. Kauppila*
Dr. Walter A. Albers
Mr. Wiley E. Galbraith
Mr. William C. Vassell*
Mr. William D. Funk
Mr. William J. Kaiser*
Mr. William J. Koren
Mr. William M. Bennett
Mr. William P. Beres
Professor Yeong W. Kim
Mr. Zen T. Umaras*