Planetarium Shows

The Wayne State University Planetarium offers shows for the Wayne State University community of students, faculty and staff; K-12 schools; Math & Science Centers; special interest groups and community organizations; and, the general public.


The WSU Planetarium is located at 4841 Cass Avenue in the Old Main Building - the building with the clock tower - at the corner of Cass and Warren Avenues on the campus of Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan. Enter the Old Main Building on the Cass Avenue entrance, go down the stairs and walk straight ahead. You will see our beautiful wall murals and the double doors of our Planetarium on your right, Room 0209!


The Wayne State Planetarium presents Public Planetarium shows on a regular basis. Our public shows are presented at 7 PM various Friday evenings throughout the semester. For a show schedule, please see the Calendar on the main page of this website. Admission is currently free.  A reservation for Public Planetarium shows is not required.  We recommend, though, that you arrive 15-20 minutes early, as seating is on a first come, first serve basis.

Public Lecture Series - Science Under the Dome

The planetarium also offers a special lecture series titled "Science Under the Dome". Click here to learn about the series. An RSVP is REQUIRED for these free public lectures.  Follow the link to make your reservation for "Science Under the Dome".

Contact Us About Our Programs

The planetarium team is continuously developing new shows and educational programs. Contact us to learn more about our programs.  or call 313-577-2107.


***We do not charge admission for our Public Planetarium Shows and Science Under the Dome lectures.***


Shows for Astronomy and Physics Students

Planetarium shows constitute an integral part of the Wayne State University Bachelor of Arts in Astronomy program, and the AST 2010 Descriptive Astronomy course curriculum. 

Students enrolled in AST2010 have two opportunities to visit the planetarium during the semester. The first AST2010 planetarium show features the fulldome film, Two Pieces of Glass - The Amazing Telescope.  The second AST2010 planetarium show of the semester features the fulldome film, Wonders of the Universe.

Two Pieces of Glass - The Amazing Telescope: Attend a star party and learn how the telescope has increased our awareness of our place in space. Discover the Galilean Moons, Saturn's rings, and galaxies. Witness the discoveries of Galileo, Huygens, Newton, and Hubble. Learn how telescopes continue to expand our understanding of the Universe.

Wonders of the Universe: Peer deep into space through the eyes of the Hubble Space Telescope. Travel back in time to witness the birth of the Universe. See the formation of galaxies, and explore beautiful nebulae. Visit neighboring planets in our Solar System before returning to Earth.


Your instructor, along with the Department of Physics and Astronomy, would like to offer you a chance to learn more about the night sky, learn about degree programs in our department, and give you the opportunity to earn extra credit in the process!

Your instructor has already explained or will explain the extent of credits, or extra credits applicable to you for visiting the planetarium. The instructor will be informed of your attendance at the end of the term based on a form that you fill out after each planetarium show that you attend. If you leave the planetarium show early, or fail to fill out the form, you are not entitled to extra credit.

To emphasize: the critical component is the evaluation form that is filled out at the END of the planetarium show.

You may attend any show for extra credit (public show or undergraduate student show). All shows are free and run for approximately one hour. Please see the planetarium Calendar on the main page for show times.

K-12 Shows

The Wayne State University Planetarium offers private shows for K-12 school groups, Math and Science Centers, special interest groups and community organizations. We offer a variety of educational outreach programs that incorporate our Planetarium Shows with Physics Demonstrations (Phantastic Physics Phenomena) and Hands-on Science Activities. 

Our planetarium programs include comprehensive astronomy education for grades K-12 aligned with Michigan Science Standards. Feel free to contact us with your questions and special requests as they relate to your science curricula needs.

Our planetarium seats 59 persons.  Please contact us to make arrangements to visit our planetarium:, or call (313) 577-2107, or complete and submit the online "field trip registration application."  We will be in-touch to discuss your visit and to confirm your reservation date and time.

Click here to see the list of fulldome films we currently offer.


Special Events

Would you like to bring your club or special group to our planetarium?  We would be happy to help you "design" a special planetarium event!  For more information, contact or call (313) 577-2107.

 Click here to see the list of fulldome films we currently offer.



Our planetarium shows consist of three parts: interactive demonstrations, the current night sky, and a fulldome film. 

We begin with an interactive demonstration: Learn about "size and distance" in our Solar System. Watch, as we compare the diameters of Earth, our Moon, and Mars, and show you how to determine the distances between these celestial objects.

As the lights go down, we show you how to navigate the current night sky. Learn how to identify constellations, asterisms, planets, and more!

Next, sit back and enjoy a fulldome film!

Please see our Calendar on the main page for the dates and times of our public planetarium shows and special events.