Wayne State student shows

Wayne State students enrolled in AST 2010: Descriptive Astronomy are required to attend two different planetarium shows during a given semester.


Two Pieces of Glass – The Amazing Telescope

Attend a star party and learn how the telescope has increased our awareness of our place in space. Discover the Galilean Moons, Saturn's rings and galaxies. Witness the discoveries of Galileo, Huygens, Newton and Hubble. Learn how telescopes continue to expand our understanding of the universe.

The Secret Lives of Stars

Voiced over by Star Trek's Patrick Stewart, "The Secret Lives of Stars" introduces viewers to the array of types of stars in the universe, how they form and how they die. The film not only discusses what we know but how we know it.

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Class instructions

For AST2010, PHY1020, PHY1040 PHY2130, PHY2140, PHY2170 or PHY2180 with a participating instructor.

Your instructor would like to offer you a chance to learn more about the night sky and allow you to earn extra credit in the process. After attending a planetarium show, the instructor will be informed of your attendance at the end of the term based on an evaluation form that you'll fill out after each planetarium show that you attend.

If you leave the planetarium show early or fail to fill out the form, you won't be entitled to credit. Depending on your instructor, you may also be able to receive extra credit for attending a show (public show or student show). See your syllabus to determine if this is an option as well as how credit will be allocated. All shows are free and run for approximately one hour.