A parade of planets in the morning sky

During mid-April, several planets are on view in the pre-dawn sky, for those who are awake. Jupiter, Saturday and Mars are all near each other in our field of vision right now, even though they are millions of miles away from each other, and from us. From April 14-17th the Moon is near the Parade of Planets as well! Please watch and listen to our video above to learn more about what to look for in your pre-dawn sky this month, and follow our Facebook page to get additional information about the current night sky, space science history, and family activities.

The Wayne State University Planetarium is closed to the public during the Michigan Stay-At-Home period. Our staff are working hard to create and share alternative content with our guests via our social media resources and website. Star gazing from your own backyard is a great way to spend time while you are at home! There are plenty of objects to look for in the night sky without the use of magnification. For those of you with a telescope or binoculars, there is even more to see.

Just remember that binoculars and telescopes are touching your face and hands so be sure to clean them between uses to avoid spreading germs, and only stargaze with people in your own household. Be sure to check our astronomy resources page for more tips and information.

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