Camp Cosmos

Camp Cosmos is a two-week-long astronomy and astrophysics camp for students ages 12 to 15.

Hosted in the Wayne State Planetarium, participants will investigate the night sky and learn about:

  • Telescopes
  • Starry Night (the software¬†used to create planetarium shows)
  • NASA space science

Other explored topics include:

  • Interesting aspects of the solar system
  • Milky Way Galaxy and the universe beyond
  • Stellar evolution, neutron stars, black holes and supernovas
  • Big bang, galaxies, cosmology and current frontier mysteries like dark matter and dark energy

Participants will enjoy many hands-on activities during the camp and special experiences such as visits to the WSU fitness and recreation center.

For more information, contact 313-577-6455 or

Students and professors working together on an experiment