Camp Cosmos

⚠️ Camp Cosmos is taking a break to prepare for an even brighter future. In the meantime, check out our free public events, including our Young Astronomer shows, stargazing opportunities and public lectures.

Camp Cosmos is a two-week-long astronomy and astrophysics camp for students ages 12 to 15. Hosted in the Wayne State Planetarium, participants investigate the night sky and learn about telescopes, Starry Night (the software used to create planetarium shows), NASA space science.

Other explored topics include:

  • Interesting aspects of the solar system
  • Milky Way Galaxy and the universe beyond
  • Stellar evolution, neutron stars, black holes and supernovas
  • Big bang, galaxies, cosmology and current frontier mysteries like dark matter and dark energy

Participants enjoy many hands-on activities during the camp and special experiences such as visits to the WSU fitness and recreation center.

Students and professors working together on an experiment