WSU Students


The Wayne State University Planetarium offers shows for Wayne State University students.


Shows for Astronomy and Physics Students, and SCE Students


Wayne State students enrolled in some sections of AST 2010 are required to attend two different planetarium shows during a given semester. SCE 5020 and SCE 5030 may also be required to attend depending on your professor. Check your syllabus.

Once shows are scheduled, AST 2010 (and also SCE 5020, and SCE 5030) students may register for the shows at this link.   When you register at this link for your required shows, your name will appear on a roster that will be at the planetarium the day of your visits. To emphasize: the critical component is that you sign this roster the day of your visit at the END of the planetarium show. If you leave the planetarium show early or fail to sign the roster, you are not entitled to credit for attending the show.

Students enrolled in AST2010 have two opportunities to visit the planetarium during the semester. The first AST2010 planetarium show features the fulldome film, Two Pieces of Glass - The Amazing Telescope.  The second AST2010 planetarium show of the semester features the fulldome film, Wonders of the Universe.



Your instructor, along with the Department of Physics and Astronomy, would like to offer you a chance to learn more about the night sky, learn about degree programs in our department, and give you the opportunity to possibly earn credit in the process!

If you are attending a course other than AST2010 your instructor has already explained or will explain the extent of credits, or extra credits that may apply to you for visiting the planetarium. Your instructor will be informed of your attendance at the end of the term based on a) a form that you will fill out after each planetarium show that you attend. If you leave the planetarium show early or fail to fill out the form you are not entitled to extra credit.

To emphasize: the critical component is the evaluation form that is filled out at the END of the planetarium show. 

You may attend any WSU Student show for extra credit. All shows are free and run for approximately one hour. Please see the planetarium Calendar on the main page for show times.



Shows for WSU Students that are NOT enrolled in Physics and Astronomy courses

Students NOT enrolled in physics and astronomy courses that have been given the option, by their instructors, to attend a planetarium show for extra creditIf your instructor has given you the option to attend a Planetarium Show for extra credit, you will be required to complete an evaluation form at the end of a Planetarium show.  Please ask Planetarium Staff for an evaluation form.  It is critical that you complete the evaluation form immediately after the planetarium show, and that you give the completed evaluation form back to Planetarium Staff. Planetarium Staff will notify your instructor of your attendance. Please see the planetarium Calendar on the main page for show times.