Camp Cosmos expected to be a supernova of fun

The WSU Planetarium is hosting its ninth annual summer camp from July 8-18. Camp Cosmos, geared towards 12-15-year-olds, combines scientific content with art, games and puzzles for two weeks of astronomical fun.

Planetarium shows and physics experiments make up part of every day of camp. This year, campers will get to spend time learning about the Apollo 11 moon landing, the recent photograph of the M87 Black Hole, and the search for exoplanets. In addition to spending time in the planetarium, students will visit the physics labs, several other campus and regional museums, and the campus rec center. Every day students will eat in the Towers Cafe alongside Wayne State University students, getting a feel for the collegiate experience. They will also get to learn from a variety of campus faculty from the Departments of Physics and Astronomy, Biological Sciences, Anthropology and Geology.

This summer, the Campus Computing & Internet Technology Office has made several need-based summer engagement scholarships available for WSU STEM camps, including Camp Cosmos. To apply for a scholarship or learn more about campus, visit Camp Cosmos.

Student painting outside

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